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    Monday, May 22, 2006
    Venturing back from Chest Cold Hell....

    Site updates and repairs are on the way. God bless all my lovely visitors for being patient!

    It's been a nasty week for me. You know, the kind of week that somehow makes it past your nose, and I kid you not, like a scene out of Alien, deposits some foreign body into your chest that stubbornly there until you one... hack it up with whatever's left of your lungs, or two... blow it out until your left dizzy and senseless.

    Not fun at all kids.

    My ribs hurt! I feel like my chest just sponsored a table tennis tournament.

    Illness angst aside, the weekend wasn't a complete washout. True, it did rain in that cats and dogs way. My freshly painted bubblegum pink toe nails got about 5 city blocks before I had to jam the into a pair of metallic silver spare flats I was carrying in my tote bag, but I did get out. I even managed to do some window shopping along the way. That's always fun.

    Question? Why aren't department stores open longer of the weekends? You'd think that a Saturday or a Sunday would be an ideal day for the folks at Bloomingdales to squeeze a few more dimes out of poor saps like you and me. Closed doors at 7 pm seems almost sacreligious.

    Interesting find on my shopping voyage this weekend. Try taking a stroll through some of your most popular womenswear stores: ala New York and Company, H&'d be hard pressed to find enough of a selection to accomodate the average woman, let alone the plus sized woman.
    Take my sister for example, we spent a few hours searching for an appropriate outfit for her college graduation. No easy task, let me tell you. At 5'9, she's tall, but she's an average size 8--very small wasted, but fuller in the chest and hips. No problem, right?

    Wrong. She picks up a dress at Banana Republic and, lo and behold, she teeters on the edge of indecency.

    What's going on here? Since when did minature X-tra Small become the norm? Does anyone realize that if you're a girl with a size 8 figure these days, you're considered "thick"? A size 12 is the new plus size! It's rediculous...and a little frightening I might add. Has our standard of beauty become so skewered that we now expect EVERY woman in the world to have the boyish, an oh so androgynous hips of a Calvin Klein model?


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