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    Sunday, June 28, 2009
    Yays and nays...

    Down three more pounds (yay!), but I'm in so much pain. I had the nerve to go out last night and do a light jog yesterday on the outdoor track. Ordinarily, that would be fine, but my legs have been so sore and stiff lately. Now they just feel worse. I think my knee needs to be examined. I've held out long enough. Scared that the Doc will tell me to stay off my legs for a while--What exercises could I possibly do off my legs??

    Doesn't help that the Mosquitoes have been biting me like it's going out of style. (and I'm talking big FAT bites here)! I've got a serious case of the itchy-scratchies and I scar so easily! Thank goodness my Mom was able to score me a bottle of Skin So Soft (Original Formula) from Avon. There's something in it that repels the bastards. I put a generous capful in my Cetaphil and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Last weight recorded: 288
    Pounds lost: -3
    New weight recorded: 285

    R.I.P.. Micheal J, you will be missed.


    Monday, June 22, 2009
    Progress Photos - June 2009 (-30 pounds)

    Still alot of pudge around the 'ol waistline, but crunches are helping! I started at 50 sit-ups, now I do 100-125 a day. Really can't wait until that tire disappears!

    My not so secret abspiration (because I'm crazy that way): Ms. Janet.
    I read somewhere that she works out 2.5 hours a day.
    My goodness that's alot of sit ups!

    Check out my new swimsuit. I think it's beautiful, but still not the best choice for large cups if you need something for sport.
    I usually wear a Tankini top over it to keep the girls firmly tucked in, otherwise it's a little too racy for exercise.

    Women's Plus Side-Ruched Swimsuit - $19.50, Old

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    Saturday, June 20, 2009
    Losing Weight: The Good, The Bad and The Tasty

    What's Good - Omega 3

    I take a Fish Oil supplement every day. Omega 3 (also found in fish oil), is a little known vitamin that's highly recommended by physician's and health enthusiasts alike for boosting cardiovascular health. But did you know that it is also very good at aiding weight loss?! Not only will this little magic gold pill improve your circulation and brighten up your skin, it will help you burn fat more efficiently.
    Not into bullet like supplements? Try flaxseeds, walnuts or salmon.

    Personally I like Smart Balance Omega-3 enhanced Milk. If you like Milk, you'll find that their brand is mighty delish. The 1% tastes like full fat!

    What's Bad:
    Anything with excess fat, excess sugar and excess salt. Combined, they're a virtual trifecta of diet failure. Remember you should try to limit your fat intake to 20% of your daily calories. Keep sugar in the single digits when possible (per serving) and remember that anything above 200 mg of salt per serving might add bloat to an already curvy figure. Final analysis? Go ahead, have the Mickey D's fries girl, just have the small serving instead.

    What's Tasty: An Ice Cream You Can Finally Sink Your Teeth Into (without sinking your ass in the process).

    Finally, something that satisfies my coffee and my Hagen Dazs fix! I'm gaga over these Weight Watchers GiantLatte Coffee Ice Cream Bars. They are sooo good it's sick and they're only 90 Calories (1 Point for Weight Watchers folks like me). Com'on folks. You can't lose anything, but pounds with this one.

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    I really love how Igigi's dresses complement the figure. Whether you have an ample bust or a plump backside you can always find something in their store that will suit your body type.

    Ample Busted Amazons - try:

    Plus in the City: Torrid Brings the Sexy back with their New "Carrie" Boot.
    These are so cute. Reminds me of something out of Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. line, but a 'lil more full figure friendly. Don't forget to leave me a pair of 8.5's!

    Chrisette Michelle: Full Fledged Full Figured Fashion Forward Diva!

    Check out some of Michelle's TIGHT (and I do mean tight) looks lately. Ladies take notes and go get the album. Girlfriend can BLOW.

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    Friday, June 19, 2009
    You're plus size, but that does not mean you can't have beautiful skin!

    The angels smiled when God created the company that created Cetaphil. Can I just say I swear by this stuff? I have severely dry skin, but not many people are aware of that fact and that's because I'm a stickler for moisturizing! Now, I wasn't always that way! However, after a few weeks of religiously following a strict moisturizing routine (twice a day), I really saw a huge difference in my skin. Dry skin and hair needs lots of moisture year round. Here's what I do to keep my skin looking and feeling satiny smooth:

    1. Use a moisturizing soap - preferably a cream rather than a gel. I like Johnson's Softwash Melt Away Stress 24 Hour Moisturizing Wash (smells heavenly too) or St. Ives Mineral Therapy Wash. For my face, I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser.

    2. Exfoliate - You can by a fancy pre-made store scrub, but it's not really necessary to spend a ton of money on this. Sometimes I make my own scrub from Sea Salt and Almond Oil. You can find those ingredients in your local supermarket and it's really easy to make. Get a small jar, add two parts sea salt to one part oil, and you're done. Really rub the scrub in to slough off the dead skin, but be careful not to rub too hard or you'll do more damage than good. If sea salt is not your thing, use sugar or try exfoliation gloves. You can find them at Duane Reade for under $4 bucks.

    3. Oil - I apply baby oil or mineral oil to my skin when damp to trap the moisture in. I Really love the oil gels that Johnson's make because they last longer, but you can use regular baby oil as well. Hey, if it's good enough for the baby, it's good enough for you too!

    4. Steam - this is the secret ingredient. Turn up the dial on the hot water and stand in the stall for a steam treat. I do it for about 5 minutes after I've applied my oil. It adds moisture to the skin.

    5. Rinse and Pat (Not Rub) dry - Rinse off using cool to lukewarm water and PAT dry using a fluffy towel.

    6. Cream - As soon as your out of the shower, massage Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream all over and you're done. Don't forget to spray on some sunblock if you're heading out!

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    Don't Call Me Big Boned...

    I know that being full figured and and fashion forward is all the rage these days, but I realized a few months ago, that being fat and fab means nothing if you're not healthy.
    So, what's a girl like me supposed to do when she wants to get healthy?

    Well, she joins Weight Watchers.

    Okay, Okay, I can hear the not so distant sighs of big gals everywhere as they read this: "Another Diet... no Yasi, not you too!" and, "Do those things really work?"

    Short Answer? Yes, but you have to work them.

    I work out a minimum of 4-5 days a week for 45 - 90 minutes on average and I REALLY watch what I eat (yes, me---the recipe lover). It was hard at first, but it gets easier everyday. I still have my recipes, I just make everything that much healthier. At Weight Watchers we count points instead of calories. I try not to think of it as a diet as much as a lifestyle change because I'm using what I've learned to change my relationship with food. Food (now) is more than something I use to simply satisfy pleasure or hunger. It's not a sword I use against myself. It's fuel for a more active, less limited, and helluva lot more enjoyable lifestyle.

    Nope, I'm not shitting you. No Pills. No bypass to leave me with excess skin and a hefty hospital bill. Just good old fashioned diet and exercise. I work out when I'm tired, I workout when I'm in pain, and I really workout when I'm sad and just want some fried chicken, a huge slice of chocolate cake and a big 'ol fat glass of Moscato to wash it down with. I work out because I have to. Exercise is like my daily shower or bath. I just do it because I know that if I don't I'm going to be really smelly. Besides, going to gym getting buff and then stopping is lot like going commando in the deodorant department. Things start to go south quick. Not cute!

    The thing about weight loss is, it's the cumulative work that counts. You have to keep at it. If you do, it pays off. I re-discovered my deltoids muscles the other day. I'm stronger than I've been a long while; and though I managed to snag a ITBS injury to my right knee within the first few weeks of jogging that nearly put me out of commission (sucks!), I discovered my new found joy for running could be easily parlayed into speed walking, swimming and boxing. It's been three months and I've lost 30 pounds and a dress size.
    I've done three charity run/walk events this year, and I'm working my way up to a half marathon (for 2010). Guess what? You can do it too.

    Listen, I'm not saying that you have to be slim. If you love your curves (and they're nice and tight), celebrate them! I am saying however, that we could all learn a thing or two about being healthier. Proper diet and exercise really empowers! There was a time when I couldn't see my thighs over my stomach or wear a tank top in a public gym for fear of revealing the ever so unsexy flag of flesh undulating from beneath my armpits. Now, I hardly crack a sweat when I remove my hoodie and I can see the top of my thighs without craning my neck. It's all good!

    I'd always been active, but was never too good at fighting my urges in the food department. Well, as it just so happens, I stopped doing even the little bit of exercise I had been doing to stabilize my weight to focus on career. I decided to lose myself in jobs that sucked up all of my personal time, while simultaneously developing a company of my own. Before I knew it, I was completely on the back burner. By the time my last job ended and my company was launched, I was my highest weight ever - 318 pounds. I couldn't ride the train without feeling a sense of shame. My figure wasn't the same, I was out of breath when I walked the stairs, I found myself weezing when I ran a quarter of a block. The boys didn't look at me the same. I was so depressed and very lonely.

    It's hard to believe, but so many things can change for the better in a few short weeks. I'm 288 pounds today, my confidence is growing, my figure is returning and I'm seeing better changes in my body and my health everyday. Still a bit lonely, but the days are getting better. My goal is to drop 138 to 153 more pounds to see how the lighter half lives. I know I can do this, and I hope I have your support.

    I'll be posting before and after photos here once a month. I hope you'll join me on my journey. I'd love for you to post your comments and or share your own success photos and or stories as I navigate towards a slimmer and healthier new me.

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