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    Thursday, April 08, 2010
    Rompers for Big Gals: Fab or Fail?

    I haven't worn a romper since I was 12 years old, so naturally I had to question whether this new trend was legit or the illegitimate brain child of a bottle of scotch and one too many episodes of Sesame Street. I was more than skeptical, but I gave it a whirl anyhow. I grabbed a cute denim number off the rack at a nearby Tj Maxx, and dragged it back to the fitting room determined to make it work.
    Well, it's on, but I'm still on the fence. The Romper is quite cute, and if you're into comfort (which I totally am by the way) it's pretty roomy, but it's not exactly the most flattering style for a thick chick. The one I'm wearing in the pic is courtesy of Calvin Klein. I had no idea you could get a pair of Calvin's in a size 14, but alas, they were there. Calvin's or not however, I'm not sure if I like what the romper does to the waist (or the legs for that matter). Like many thick gals, I have drumstick legs. Long, meaty, drumstick legs. Not bad, but still, not exactly the type of legs that look good in short, shorts! So my recommendation? If you have no waist line (or want to display one), this style will not help you.
    Jiggly sisters: Please stay away. Go for a capri version that offers a little more coverage on the leg. Solid sisters: Please proceed, but with exteme caution. ;)

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