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    Saturday, June 20, 2009
    Losing Weight: The Good, The Bad and The Tasty

    What's Good - Omega 3

    I take a Fish Oil supplement every day. Omega 3 (also found in fish oil), is a little known vitamin that's highly recommended by physician's and health enthusiasts alike for boosting cardiovascular health. But did you know that it is also very good at aiding weight loss?! Not only will this little magic gold pill improve your circulation and brighten up your skin, it will help you burn fat more efficiently.
    Not into bullet like supplements? Try flaxseeds, walnuts or salmon.

    Personally I like Smart Balance Omega-3 enhanced Milk. If you like Milk, you'll find that their brand is mighty delish. The 1% tastes like full fat!

    What's Bad:
    Anything with excess fat, excess sugar and excess salt. Combined, they're a virtual trifecta of diet failure. Remember you should try to limit your fat intake to 20% of your daily calories. Keep sugar in the single digits when possible (per serving) and remember that anything above 200 mg of salt per serving might add bloat to an already curvy figure. Final analysis? Go ahead, have the Mickey D's fries girl, just have the small serving instead.

    What's Tasty: An Ice Cream You Can Finally Sink Your Teeth Into (without sinking your ass in the process).

    Finally, something that satisfies my coffee and my Hagen Dazs fix! I'm gaga over these Weight Watchers GiantLatte Coffee Ice Cream Bars. They are sooo good it's sick and they're only 90 Calories (1 Point for Weight Watchers folks like me). Com'on folks. You can't lose anything, but pounds with this one.

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