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    Sunday, June 28, 2009
    Yays and nays...

    Down three more pounds (yay!), but I'm in so much pain. I had the nerve to go out last night and do a light jog yesterday on the outdoor track. Ordinarily, that would be fine, but my legs have been so sore and stiff lately. Now they just feel worse. I think my knee needs to be examined. I've held out long enough. Scared that the Doc will tell me to stay off my legs for a while--What exercises could I possibly do off my legs??

    Doesn't help that the Mosquitoes have been biting me like it's going out of style. (and I'm talking big FAT bites here)! I've got a serious case of the itchy-scratchies and I scar so easily! Thank goodness my Mom was able to score me a bottle of Skin So Soft (Original Formula) from Avon. There's something in it that repels the bastards. I put a generous capful in my Cetaphil and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Last weight recorded: 288
    Pounds lost: -3
    New weight recorded: 285

    R.I.P.. Micheal J, you will be missed.



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