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    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    by Leanne Hamilton & Maree Farnsworth

    It is the festive time of year again and that means parties, fun, family, friends and food, yes glorious food! At this time of year those who have chosen to go on a diet (it's such a horrible word) usually throw all their hard work out the window and say to themselves "I've been good all year I'm going to eat what I like!" It doesn't take an intelligent person long to work out what happens next...that's right all those dress/pant sizes that came off with the dieting go straight back on PLUS MORE.

    On the other hand those that are following the Reduce Your Size Program are simply implementing a number of handy tips to insure that they either maintain or better still, keep reducing their size during this time of year.

    Here's ten hints we are going to 'let out of the bag' that will help you to cope with the silly season:

    1) Choose your plate size wisely. The larger the plate the more you will put on it and the more you will eat.

    2) Drink water. Half and hour before you eat have 3 glasses of water and then again 2 hours after you have eaten. This will help you to feel full and prevent over eating.

    3) Stay part of a conversation. If you are staying a part of a conversation, you will find you will automatically eat less. Just make sure you are not standing next to the nibbles table and taking handfuls without realizing.

    4) Bring a plate of food to a party. By bring a plate of food that comprises mainly of Foundation Foods (refer to the Reduce Your Size Program). This will help you to have something to snack on that won't reappear on your hips!

    5) Slow down, don't woof down Christmas dinner (or any other meal). In between each mouthful of food put your knife and folk down and sit there, enjoying the taste of the food and atmosphere around you.

    6) Have a 20 minute break in between each course. This will allow your body time to register how full it really is before you decide to fill up your plate again.

    7) Stop eating when you are 80% full. If you implement number 6 you will easily recognize when you have reached this mark and thus prevent your body from having to struggle with digesting a mountain of food.

    8) Get outside and move. Instead of sitting around at a Christmas function get everyone fired up for a game of backyard cricket, touch footy or even a leisurely stroll to the nearest park. Every bit of movement helps burn off the excess food.

    9) Have a juice in between meals once a day. Make sure it is a good combination like apple, carrot, beetroot, celery and ginger. This will help detoxify your body in between meals and prevent you from feeling tired and lethargic from all the partying.

    10) And the final secret we are going to give away is Do Not Deny Yourself. If you want something then have a small portion of it, eat it slowly and enjoy it!

    Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

    Leanne and Maree

    Creators of the Reduce Your Size Program

    About the author:
    Leanne Hamilton and Maree Farnsworth are both university degree qualified in health and fitness education, as well as having had personal experiences and triumphs over the 'battle of the bulge'.

    They are the writers and creators of the 'Reduce Your Size' weightloss program for women - the only program needed toachieve the body you desire without the hassle of calorie counting, dieting or weighing yourself ever again!


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