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    Sunday, January 28, 2007
    In A Pod...

    Malachite Peapod Earrings by Rachel Sudlow Jewlery ($35 at

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    Friday, January 26, 2007
    Career Move - A Step By Step guide

    By Keji Giwa

    Most people die from the neck up at age 25 because they stop dreaming, some people are managing their dreams after age 25 because they have been busy making their dreams their reality.

    A step at a time is progress

    Today I will give you a quick summary of the 5 key steps you need to take in order to make a career move that will change your life for the best. You can get the full content from our website. Each step has been carefully thought out, tried and tested with phenomenal results. Take your time and digest it.

    Step 1: For get your past mistakes. Forgive yourself because if you don’t, you will always be tied to your past and it will hinder you from making bold and life changing decisions for fear of repeating the same mistakes again. Learn from it and move on.

    Step 2: Start with the end in mind. Discover what you want to achieve at each stage of your life and then work backwards from each stage. You can do this by mentally and spiritually seeing yourself achieving the things you want and then putting the puzzles together in reality through planning. Make sure it is a SMART- V Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound and directly related to your Vision. Without vision, momentum becomes an aimless energy that eventually runs out.

    Step 3: Run your own race & on your own track. Most people tend to measure their progress based on the progress of others. Our five fingers are not equal and they have different unique functions. One finger is not better than the other and the same applies to you and the next person. You have a better chance winning your own race and on your own track, compared to running someone else's race and on someone else's track.

    Step 4: Celebrate your small and big wins. Encouraging yourself propels you forward. When you fail to celebrate you small wins, you fail to measure your progress. A progress report tells you where you are, what you have achieved and how far you have to go. It can be an amazing comfort and reassure when things get really difficult.

    Step 5: Remember that you are in the people business. What’s in it for them? If you fail to understand the bigger picture, you will never find a your place in it. The world is made up of many other billions of people and if you what you have to offer does not involve meeting their needs, you cannot place a value on your service.


    Keji Giwa

    About the Author:

    Taken from the ‘How to get the career you want’ eworkshop. Click here to find out more about this eworkshop =>

    Article Source:

    Keji Giwa - EzineArticles Expert Author

    Cute n' Classic...

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    BabyDoll Babe...

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    Sunday, January 21, 2007
    Vintage in Wine....

    'St. Lucia' Handheld Shopper ($163.76 at

    Sovereign Dress by B&Lu ($62 at

    Long Silver Pearl Necklace ($9.00 at

    'Boxed In' by Kenneth Cole New York ($256.00 at

    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    L.L. Reps the Ripped Abs For Rachel Ray...

    What's Sexy...

    How To Be A Good Kisser
    by Michelle Penney

    Here’s my list of the Top 5 Reasons that some kisses are super, while others end up duds.

    1. Emotional connection.

    If you kiss a guy or girl that you kind of like, then your kiss will be kind of nice. But if you kiss a guy or girl you REALLY like, then your kiss will be REALLY special. An emotional connection is crucial for an amazing kiss. When the physical pleasure of a kiss combines with the emotional pleasure of sharing an intimate moment, fireworks happen.

    2. Great comfort level.

    One of the great killers of the pleasure of kissing is nerves. The more nervous you are, the tenser you feel. Tension makes you stiff and unyielding – the complete opposite of what a great kisser should be! When you’re anxious about the result of a kiss or self-conscious about whether you’re doing it right, you won’t be able to enjoy the moment like you should. Worse, your tension will get communicated to your partner. Relax and flow in the moment.

    3. Ability to forget the world.

    The top kisses seem to go on forever. Your mind is clear of everything but your partner’s breath, responses, murmurs, and body against yours. But it can be hard to forget the world if you’re in a noisy environment, being jostled by other people, or are in an uncomfortable position. For example, despite their popularity as makeout locations, cars are notoriously uncomfortable places to kiss. Too, if you’re feeling self-conscious about your kissing technique or wondering if others are watching, you’ll bring yourself out of the moment and back to earth. Clear your head the next time you kiss and let nothing else matter.

    4. Imagination.

    Great kissers don’t just do what they do best; they adapt to their partner and experiment with different kinds of kisses. If your kissing repertoire consists of two styles – kiss and French kiss – then it may be time to explore the possibilities. Vary the pace and pressure of your kisses. Expand from the mouth and kiss the eyelids, neck, even nibble the ear. Be inventive.

    5. Rhythm.

    The best kisses have an ebb and flow. They start gently, become greedy, then allow a pause for breathing and meeting one another’s eyes. A kiss is sometimes called a dance of the lips, and it’s important to remember that kisses, like dances, must have a rhythm. Nothing is worse than someone who is so intent on kissing you that they don’t allow you room to breathe. Let your kiss find its natural rhythm. Allow it to warm up and eventually cool down. Always take time to reconnect with your partner through catching his or her eyes and breathing together.

    If you really care about someone, are completely relaxed, there in the moment, and allow your kissing to find its natural rhythm and expression, you’ll find that your kisses become much more intense and enjoyable.

    Did you know the most off putting thing to a partner is a bad or average kisser? Would you like to be a great kisser? Whether you’re a good kisser or not, learn more techniques here, your partner will thankyou for it!

    Happy kissing!

    Michelle Penney

    About the Author:

    Article Source:

    Tuesday, January 16, 2007
    REAL Curvy Girls Rule The Red Carpet at 2007 Golden Globes!

    Take that Simon Cowell!...

    Former American Idol alumn and newly crowned Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson took home a Best Supporting Actress win after beating out academy award winner Cate Blanchett among others at the 64th Annual Golden Globes Awards last night.

    The illustrious award is the first Golden Globe for the curvy new starlett who has shot to stardom seemingly overnight with rave reviews by critics and audiences alike. The film Dreamgirls proved to be a dream come true for Hudson. The role of Effie was the young songbird's first ever in a motion picture.

    Can we expect an Oscar nod anytime soon? Will more curvy beauties follow? Stay Tuned!

    Ugly Betty Proves To Be A Beauty...

    Ugly Betty's America Ferrera beats out Desperate Houswives' Marcia Cross and Felcity Huffman, Old Christine star Julia Louis Dreyfuss, and Weed's Mary Louise Parker for Best Actress In A Musical or Comedy TV Series win.

    Congratulations America!

    TV's Grey's Anatomy Showrunner Takes Home Globes Gold...

    How's this for triple threat talent?

    Gray's Anatomy Executive Producer, Writer and creator (that's right, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, WRITER and CREATOR), Shonda Rhimes takes home the Best Drama TV Series win after beating out powerhouses 24 and Lost a second year in a row!

    Grey's Anatomy is ABC/Disney's most highly rated program this season.

    Shonda, YOU are McDreamy. Go on Girl!

    And the "curviness" didn't stop there. Real women flanked the red carpet everywhere this year. Are plus size back in vogue? Hollywood seems to think so. ;) --Yasi

    Saturday, January 13, 2007
    Feeling Scentsational...

    Adventurous, headstrong and unpredictable?

    'Princess' by Vera Wang ($68 at

    Traditionalist, exotic, and feminine?

    'Gardenia' by Marc Jacobs ($65 at

    Racy, intense and seductive?

    Betsey Johnson by Betsey Johnson ($75 at

    Bold, Powerful, Glamorous?

    'Badgley Mischka' by Badgley Mischka
    ($90 at

    Thursday, January 11, 2007
    Season Must Have: The Shirt Dress

    I rarely gush about an item, but this Shirtdress is brilliant invention. This quick, chic style will take you from drab to fab in 2 minutes flat depending on how you accessorize. Not only is it figure flattering, it is astoundingly appropriate for almost any situation. How many items in your closet can do that?!

    Need something that's conservative enough to wear to the office, but comfortable enough for drinks afterwards? This hot little thing is sharp enough to impress your boss in the boardroom, and fierce enough to beguile that guy in Marketing you've been flirting with all week.

    More ideas? Doll it up with sexy pumps, some neck bling and a clutch for a cute date look. Or, sport it out for a weekend with the girls by adding a sweater (tossed artfully over the shoulders), a pair of canvas sneaks, and a pageboy cap.

    Don't you just love flexible style? ;)

    --Sateen Shirtdress - Semantiks by Caslon ($98 at

    New Cute Kids On the Block...


    'Pounce' - Carlos by Carlos Santa ($105.95 at

    Pretty Posh...

    'Venice' by Mia ($61.60 at

    Divine Dots...

    'Talia' by Guess ($98.95 at

    Friday, January 05, 2007
    Style Steal: Gwen Stefani...

    Oversized Circle Plastic Lenses ($7.50 at

    'Medusa in Black' by Size Appeal ($41 at

    Black And White Zebra Print Button Earring ($6 at

    "Why yes Carrie...there is a Santa Claus. And he probably knows the date of the next Jimmy Choo sample sale! "

    Yasi's Resolutions for 2007

    1. Find a new job! Hey what can I say? I need to pay those student loans!
    2. Get a new boyfriend. Because the old one is broken. Duh!
    3. Get my new business off the ground. Where's a $100,000 grant when you need one?!
    4. Finish my novel...Finally!
    5. Go back to LA Weight Loss and get back on plan. Ahem. See resolution number 1 and 2. I'm a baked goods freak, and those healthy portions of Jimbo's cheesecake really didn't help either.
    6. Fix my new car. Yep, I just inherited an old Accord from my sister! Uh... it needs some work.
    7. Get back to Los Angeles to visit! I miss the city, and my good friend.
    8. Cut down on my sugar intake. See resolution number 5.
    9. Pitch a new show idea to a major network. My muse has a few things up her sleeve.
    10. Get another apartment. This actually was last year's resolution. Round 2!

    So there you have it. I showed you mine. Why not show me yours? ;) --Yasi

    Thursday, January 04, 2007
    What's New In Beauty: Fun Finds...

    Gingerbread Man Lip Shine ($10 at

    Smells (AND tastes!) as good as it looks. Dab it on top of your favorite lip shade or slick it on solo for a sweet, healthy shimmer.

    Even if your New Year's Resolutions bar your from indulging in that Chocolate Ganache until Valentine's Day, at least you can bathe in it.
    It smells absolutely sinful, and oh so YUMMY!
    I'm still waiting for the cheesecake version guys...

    Philosophy Double Rich Chocolate 3-in-1 Shower Gel ($16 at

    Pretty bottle. Even prettier scent. Who would have thought notes like carmel creme brulee, wild rose and green apple would works so well together??

    Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture ($85 at

    I used these handy duds on a recent photo shoot and they were a lifesaver.
    They were so easy to apply. Just a quick press and you're done! Perfect come hither lashes without all the fuss. And considering Lindsay Lohan paid about $300 for her falsies...they're a steal!

    Wet n Wild 'Bat Your Eyes' Eyelashes ($1.99 at drugstores)

    Setting Successful New Year's Resolutions

    by Wendy Betterini

    It's almost that time of year again - New Year Resolutions! Millions of people around the world are vowing to lose weight, quit smoking, stick to a budget, and more. How many will actually follow through with these changes? Probably not many. Have you done this before? Have you made promises to yourself and not kept them? You are not alone. Why does it seem so easy to make changes in our lives, until we actually begin to do the work?

    Change is hard. Most of us don't stop to think about that when we set goals. We start out filled with passion, fire and excitement. We feel invincible and know we can accomplish whatever we desire. We see the glorious outcome of our desires shining before us, and we are determined to make it happen. Then we begin to encounter obstacles along the way. We may struggle halfheartedly through a few of them, but eventually we find ourselves making excuses, procrastinating and losing interest in those same goals we were so excited about before. What happened?

    Goal setting involves much more than making a promise to do something. We need to equip ourselves with the right tools and mindset to ensure our success. There are several things we need to think about before we set goals:

    Why? - What is your reason for wanting this particular outcome? It's lofty to want to lose weight or quit smoking, but if you don't have a clear, strong reason for wanting to do so, you will have no passion to fuel your efforts. What will you gain by making these changes in your life? What will you gain by not making changes? Oh yes, you are gaining something by keeping your bad habits around, or else you would have gotten rid of them long before now. Understand that, and acknowledge it. Be honest with yourself. Be clear about what you really want. Let's say you want to quit smoking because you want to live a healthier life. Why? What will that do for you? It will improve your quality of life. Okay, why is that important to you? Keep asking yourself "why", until you get to the "meat" of your desire. Be sure you understand exactly why these goals are important to you, and write it down. You will want to read it over and over again, especially when you feel your resolve crumbling.

    Action Goals vs. Results Goals - Most of us make the mistake of setting results-oriented goals, rather than action goals. This is an important distinction. Setting a goal to lose thirty pounds is not a goal at all. It is an outcome. The goal should be to exercise and eat right - which will result in the loss of weight. We need to treat the problem, not the symptom. Make a note of the outcome you want, and then make a list of the actions that will get you there. Then make the actions your goal. Be specific. Rather than setting a goal to "lose weight", decide how, when, how often, and for how long you will exercise each day. Decide what foods you will eat (or not eat), and how much of them. Set realistic and specific daily goals, and reward yourself when you accomplish them. Each day is an opportunity for victory.

    Believe You Deserve It - Many of us struggle with low self-esteem, and feel we don't really deserve success. Unfortunately, if we don't believe we deserve it, we will resist it when it arrives. We may do this unconsciously by sabotaging our own efforts, or we may outright refuse to even try. We must first understand and then truly believe that we do deserve success and happiness. In addition, we must be consciously open to receiving it. We're so good at giving to others, but many of us won't accept help or blessings for ourselves. Be willing to believe that you deserve to be successful and happy. Then be willing to accept that success when it arrives. Give yourself the gift of better health, inner peace, more organization, a better job - whatever you are striving for in setting your goals. Affirm aloud to the universe each day, "I joyfully accept all of the abundance and success the universe has for me, NOW." Remember that the more abundance you have, the more you will be able to help others also.

    Commitment - One of the greatest secrets of success is simply not giving up. When we look at successful people, they seem to have it so easy. What we usually don't see are the years of hard work, dedication and commitment that got them to where they are today. Many of them struggled through massive obstacles and setbacks, sometimes having to start all over again repeatedly. Are you that committed to your goals? Will you persevere no matter what? Make a promise to yourself that you will continue working toward your goals, even if you aren't seeing the progress you hoped for. Be willing to work hard and continue working hard, even when - especially when - the going gets rough. When obstacles arise, fuel your persistence with positive thoughts and keep moving forward. Let your determination glow hot and bright, and burn away all doubts and fears. Don't beat yourself up if you make mistakes, simply get up and begin moving forward again.

    Patience - Forming new habits takes time and practice. The good news is that countless people have proven it can be done. If they can do it, you can do it too. Give it your best effort, but don't expect perfection from yourself. You may stumble and fall; you may grow weary of the battle. However, remember that anything worthwhile takes effort. Your goals and dreams are worth fighting for, no matter how fierce the battle, no matter how long it takes.

    Most importantly, believe in yourself. Believe that you have the skills, ability and determination to make your dreams come true. That, above all else, will guarantee your success.

    About the Author:

    Wendy Betterini is a freelance writer specializing in self-improvement and personal development concepts. Visit her website, for free articles on positive thinking, goal-setting, self-esteem, personal growth, and more.

    Neutral Knockout...

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    Monday, January 01, 2007
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